.Our Culture

More than just employees, we see our team members as people. We empower them to be proactive entrepreneurs who are driven and able to seek and create new opportunities. That is why we are in continuous pursuit of a vibrant culture full of diversity and inclusion where innovation and creativity flourish. It is essential for our team members to have the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to become industry leaders.

.Our Values

No malarky. We often test the waters with new methods and strategies. We must do this with honesty and credibility. We will never put our reputation on the line with “out-of-this world” statements.
Building Connections
Connecting leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, businesses, and clients with each other builds a stronger community and fuels growth. We host and attend a variety of speakers and events with development programs, motivational guidance, social events, wellness initiatives, and mentorship opportunities. We create pathways for our employees to grow and build networks.
Diversity and Inclusion
Bringing Our Differences Together
We understand that a workforce that is diverse and multicultural is crucial to our success. We ensure that at Push we are a place where all employees feel included with all their differences. We have a dynamic work environment that ensures everyone can contribute and find personal accomplishments.
Encouragement and Bravery
Pushing ourselves to try out new ideas and take some leaps can be intimidating. That’s why we believe in encouragement. You don’t have to stand on your own to be brave. We foster a culture that is supportive and encouraging. We are founded on pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone.

Our values underscore our company culture. They describe the professional behaviors we expect from our employees. These values are an integral part of the culture of Push.

.Push in Action