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We have developed long-term relationships with our clients, many of which include global brands and Fortune 500 companies.  We also represent several industries that provide essential services and assistance such as energy and financial institutions. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, or become a leader in your niche, we can help.

A distinctive feature of our work is close cooperation with the customer. We find out all the details of the desires and all the desires of our customers. We hold comprehensive consultations and get a great result. Meet the brands we do this for:

We represent a leading portfolio of clients across a multitude of industries. These are just a few of the industries we currently represent


Connecting individuals and businesses. We have strong partners in the Telecommunications. We build connections with the most reliable names in the industry.
At Push Interactions we foster an environment that cares and we are spreading that good will. We partner with several charity groups to help aid in their endeavors.
Renewable energy is the future. Our partnership with major providers of energy globally are making resources become accessible to each household.
Technology is all about brands and how they get it to us. We are proud to represent some of the most globally recognized brands in this field.
From pet insurance to home food delivery services, we represent some incredible brands. We are bringing some amazing services to you.
Our partners in the Finance Industry are here to guide you through modern banking services. From POS to Credit Cards, we can be adaptable to represent these industries.


Retail Locations
Big names we all know and frequent. We hit all the popular places to bring the best products and services to new customers.
Trade Shows
We aim to attract customers who are typically open to new things. We get in front of these people and bring enthusiasm for the products and services we represent.

At Push, we are mobile and adaptive. We conduct our marketing campaigns throughout the DMV area, getting the most exposure for our clients and engaging with targeted audiences. We are focused on spreading brand awareness and acquiring loyal customers.

Pop-up Locations
Look out here we come. The great thing about pop-up shops is that we can go anywhere, anytime.
Local Events
We like to enjoy ourselves at local festivals and events too. We find this is a great way to engage with crowds.

Our approach is innovative. Find out more about our PUSH for success.